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Welcome to Australian Proprietors Alliance Inc. (APA) !

Australian Proprietors Alliance Incorporated was established on 18-01-2018, currently has some 70 official members, and around 2000 associate members.

APA is a not-for-profit incorporated association managed by a volunteer committee of elected members, is committed to create a strong alliance and synergy amongst investors, property owners, business owners and entrepreneurs, promote fair business practice, and advance the society as a whole. Members please list your business for free


  •  To protect the interests of investors, business owners, entrepreneurs and property owners by ensuring a voice

  •  To promote business opportunities in international and domestic markets

  •  To advance Australian fair, to advance our society to be harmoniously developing


  •  Fairness

  •  Equality

  •  Righteousness


The objectives of the Australian Proprietors Alliance Incorporated, are:

  •   Non political, non religious
  •   To protect the interests of members
  •   To provide networking opportunities, encourage and assist in cooperation among members and with other associations
  •   collect and supply useful information to the members
  •   To advise and/or consult the Government on matters relating to property market, trade and commerce
  •   To promote, support, or oppose legislation or other measures affecting the business of its members
  •   To improve the welfare of members
  •   To promote business opportunities in international and domestic markets
  •   To make the members aware of changes in the areas of business, commerce and property markets, etc
  •   To share resources amongst members
  •   To draw plans and projects for encouraging the growth of property market, trade and commerce in the country
  •   To carry on research for the benefit of members
  •   To organise educational and training facilities for the members
  •   To provide guidelines to members
  •   To solve disputes among the members
  •   To provide the relevant business sector with a common voice


Get in touch with us via email and phone

  •  07 3245 2068


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